An invitation for a Halloween-themed technology event.

Tech or Treat invitation

notkristina Graphic Design, Illustration

Each year, LAN Systems hosts an electronics recycling event around Halloween. This year, they’re incorporating a charity collection to aid local families affected by the novel coronavirus and its impact on the economy. I combined these ideas into one custom illustration, seen here. (Important details like the location of the event and what would be collected were included separately.)

A still from a series of Member One TV commercials

Videos: Member One FCU

notkristina Illustration, Marketing Campaigns, Video

These animated TV commercials employ a simple 2.5D technique to create a simple but engaging neighborhood scene. I’ve created them for Member One as part of the team at Ethic Creative Works.  First are a series of four five-second spots—the one above and the three below. So far, we’ve also created a few 30-second spots in this series, including a …

Fall On Your Knees

Misheard Holiday Songs

notkristina Graphic Design, Illustration

I illustrated this series of misheard holiday songs for a client in 2016. I had previously illustrated a similar set of misheard holiday lyrics for a different client (but for the same agency).


Corporate Mascots: Livewell & Dealbot

notkristina Illustration

When Half Off Depot launched in 2008, I created a simple illustration to show how the purchase process worked: purchase a voucher for half price from the website, present it like cash in a restaurant, and dine on twice what you’ve paid for. The graphic was effective and the little stick-man evolved into a sort of corporate mascot, known internally …